Worry- Jack Garratt

Has low classic bass in left ear, with a soft centered piano and an overdriven pizzicato in the right ear.
But then the bass adds this squelchy thing. 808? I’m not sure. I love it though. The pitch envelope has it falling at the end of each phrase.

In the chorus he has full harmony on display, then switches to singing the verse an octave up, with the bass and a background electric piano more prominent. The oscillations on this piano are pretty high and now I can hear it in the chorus too. It’s got a few voices going on at once.

In the first part of the chorus all instruments are legato but then in the second part we switch to a grand piano in the background playing subdivision chords in staccato

The bridge is a mash-up of precious segments and sounds awesome, definitely building in volume before cutting out.

I love what he does with empty space in the song. Enough time for a satisfying breath before we jump into it.

At the end we have ‘worry’ going on with him playing on the melody in some kind of tune amp with a high pass filter.